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My 1958 MGA 1500 - Chassis No. 55600

The car was built on 27-28 August 1958, painted Old English White and with a black interior. It was dispatched to the USA on 29 August 1958.  It came back to the UK on 09 December 1996, having spent the previous 22 years in a barn in San Diego.  The car underwent a 16 month total rebuild to original specification. 

Before/After Rebuild 

Heritage Certificate

USA Memorabilia

Since the rebuild in 1996/1997 I have carried out a number of modifications outlined below:


Overview of Occasional Work

7-Blade Asymmetric Fan
Moss Redesigned Fuel Tank

Moss Information Leaflet

Sump plug in the Ford Type 9 Gear Box
Now that we no longer need to display tax discs I have had a period disc made showing the date of manufacture, year of registration and my local post office.

I bought it from this website: www.poplargreg.com

See here also for the data sheets that were provided with the disc


Grill external quick release fitted. This overcomes the issues associated with jammed bonnets

Grill Release


Hi torque pre-engaged starter fitted.  Wonderful difference to the frequent gnashing of teeth from the original inertia starter.

Hi Torque Starter

Home-made stub stacks to improve airflow from the Volkes air canisters to the carburettors.  I had a set tested on a 3-bearing 1800 engine fitted in an MGA with the following result: Peak power increased from 88.03HP at 4641rpm to 92.31HP at 4601rpm and peak torque increased from 104.4ft-lb at 4350rpm to 107.4ft-lb at 4350rpm

 Stub Stacks


Getting too old to lie under the car these days.  This lifts the car just over a metre. Only done the basic testing so far. 

Be warned, this lift will only slide under an MGA (from the back) with wire wheels that has the wider steel wheel back axle

Two Of Many Pictures Taken For Classic Car World

More Professional Pictures

Courtesy Classic Car World

(Rob Hawkins - photographer rhmedia@ntlworld.com )

The car featured in

Classic Car Mart November 2014

Classic Car Mart


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'The Motor' & 'Autocar' Database

This database covers cars tested by both magazines between 1953 and 1975.  It consists of 1053 cars.  The database lists the summary performance of each car.  I am also populating the spreadsheet with a thumbnail picture of each car.  Just hover the mouse pointer over the vehicle name (only the cells with the red triangle in the corner have been upgraded with an image).

Contact me for an electronic copy of any car road test.  Reports are similar to those for the MGA opposite.

Road Test Database - Excel Spreadsheet Updated 25 March 2010

Road Test Database - Web based Updated 03 January 2010

MGA Road Test Reports - A collection of MGA road tests from the 50s.

The Motor MGA 1500 Roadtest dated 1956

The Motor MGA 1500 Hardtop Coupe Roadtest dated 1958

The Motor MGA Twin Cam Two-Seater Roadtest dated 1958

The Motor MGA 1600 Roadtest dated 1959

Autocar MGA 1500 Roadtest dated 23 September 1955

Autocar MGA 1600 Roadtest  dated 9 October 1959

Autocar MGA Twin Cam Roadtest  dated 18 July 1958

1958 Earls Court Motor Show Featuring The Twin Cam Debut



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