7-Blade Asymmetric Fan

My 1800V 5-bearing engines runs very comfortably all day at 175 to 185 degrees. However, I am conscious that the 6-Bladed MGA metal fan is now very old and the possibility of metal fatigue in the blades is always at the back of my mind.  Whilst I had the radiator out for a repaint I decided to upgrade to the Moss MGB 7-bladed asymmetric plastic fan, part no. 12H4744.

The fan was a straight swap for the original with absolutely no issues. There is, however, a point to note:

The fan I bought is 4.5cm between opposite bolt holes, compared to 6cm for the MGA fan. Fortunately my water pump is drilled for both contingencies. Moss do an alternative fan for the MGA engine with 6cm spaced holes: part no.AHH6999Z.

So, how does the fan compare? It is lighter at almost a quarter of the weight of the metal fan. It pushes a lot more air; it runs quieter; and appears to run the car between 3 to 5 degrees cooler in tests to date.  Particular pleasing so far is that in slow moving traffic I have found that the temperature appears to drop rather than rise, although I need to do more tests.

Am I pleased? Yes, very.