The MGA brake lights with integrated direction indicators often cause confusion to following drivers.  Additionally, the lights are not the brightest in the world and do not stand out all that well if the normal driving lights are also on.  The modification I have carried out on my 1958 MGA places a modern high level LED brake light on top of the body immediately between the 2 seats.



The light is an inexpensive item, costing about 5 including postage on Ebay.  It has 24 LED bulbs and measures about 8 inches wide.  Conveniently, on my car, the tonneau studs were almost exactly the same width.  This allows for a female Lift-a-Dot stud to be let into each base.  In the event, I pulled the unit apart (only lightly glued together), cut about 1/4 inch off the length of the lens cover and body, so that I could locate both Lift-a-Dots centrally on their bases with the Lift-a-Dot wording towards the rear of the car..  I then re-glued together.  The unit clips onto the studs quite easily, even with the tonneau in place.  I thought I may need longer studs but found it unnecessary.  To remove, I just tilt each base towards the front of the car.



Wiring is straight forward.  One wire connects to the brake light switch output to the indicator relay box, the other goes to earth.  I routed the wire from the relay box input terminal from the brake switch, through the bulkhead, behind the cockpit side wall trim, under the door rubber, behind the rear side wall trim and up to the unit.  I used one of the rear wing bolts (above the rear side wall trim) as an earthing point for the other wire.

If the unit will not fit directly onto MGA studs, it is an easy matter to fabricate a bracket to press onto 2 studs, then attach the unit to the bracket (the base unit comes supplied with self adhesive pads).