MG and General Memorabilia


Old No1(FC 7900) Manufactured by Carltonware in1974 and distributed to British Leyland Dealers.

The model is fragile and is a rare item.  Value is about 80 although it has been advertised for as much as 395 at: Burslemantiques

The MG Midge mascot radiator cap

Originals from the 1930s are rare and worth more than 400.  This one is a brass reproduction, chromed and bolted to an MGTC radiator cap


MG Car Club MGA Register

A very nicely made badge for the badge bar. Enamelled in PSJ 903 British Racing Green with tan interior

MGA key fob.  This was supplied new with every car in upholstery colour. Currently reproduced by the German MGCC in only 2 colours.
MG at Le Mans. Print by Graham Bosworth
These luggage straps were made to fit around a wicker basket on my MGTC.  By chance they also fit the MGA luggage rack.  They were made by a colleague who learnt his craft while serving with the RAF during the Dhofar War.