MG Publications


  Original MGA by Anders Ditlev Clausager

This book is generally accepted by MGA owners as the benchmark for originality and general data





MGA Workshop Manual issued by the British Motor Corporation Ltd

One of the original series of MGA publications.  It is a ready-reference book for service supervision and covers items of procedure for car maintenance and rebuild




Haynes MGA Owners Workshop Manual

This manual covers the same procedures as the official workshop manual above.  The MGA Haynes manual, whilst not rare, is by no means in plentiful supply and commands about twice the second price of other Haynes manuals.





MGA Coupes and Roadsters by P Olyslager

Useful little technical reference book that also lists all the original prices





The MGA Series Driver's Handbook as provided by the MG Car Company

Contains all the essentials for driving and maintaining the car





MGA Special Tuning

MG Car Company Issue 1 dated 1958.  32 pages detailing the tuning from Stage I through to Stage V of the MGA B-Series Engine PDF Version


Leyland version of 10 pages detailing the tuning from Stage I through to Stage V of the MGA B-Series Engine

The MGA Technical Manual

An MGA Register compilation of interesting technical articles specific to the MGA.  Includes all nut and bolt sizes, paint colours of all parts, SU pump and carburettor rebuilding, cooling system, trimming the hood etc




Haynes MGB Owners Workshop Manual

Many MGA owners fit MGB parts in their cars.  Typical items include the 1800 engine, front suspension and brakes.




MGAs at Le Mans by Brian Moylan

This 12 page book was written specifically for the 50th anniversary of the MGA and is the story behind the entry of 3 MGAs to the 1955 24 hour Le Mans race.






The MG Workshop Manual by W E Blower

This book is affectionately known as Blowers.  It contains a wealth of information on every MG model up to the MGTF in the mid 1950s.  First published in 1952.





The Magic of the Marque by Mike Allison

History of MG.  An authoritative book with plenty of good quality photos, mainly black and white.



MG Log by Peter Haining

A history of MG





The Classic MG by Richard Aspden

Plenty of large colour photos





MG Sports Cars by Peter Gainer

Full of archive Autocar tests of all MG cars





Call it MGA by Roger Martin and Piers Hubbard

Produced in celebration of 50 years of MGA 





TCs Forever by Michael Sherrell

The authority on the MGTC originality 




The Mighty MGs by Graham Robson

75 page section on the Twin Cam, covering The Birth of the Twin Cam; Twin Cam Production; Twin Cams in Motor Sport; and The Twin Cam Today.

Sample article



MG Collectibles by Michael Ellman-Brown

A catalogue of just about every item of MG Memorabilia produced 



Instruction Manual for the MG TC, supplied by the MG Car Company

This is an original item from 1950