MGA Sports Windscreen


PSJ903 is now fitted with a 1955 original Le Mans specification sports windscreen, supplied by Bob West ( )

The screen is made of perspex and is 10 inches high, compared to the 13 inch standard screen.  It is also more raked than the original.  The stanchions are re-cast from the original Auster stanchions that were fitted to the EX cars.  The bottom rail and short side rails are from standard windscreen frames.  Airflow round the head is similar to the standard screen, but the more aerodynamic design is immediately apparent in performance.  Obviously the hood and side curtains cannot be used with this screen.  Currently, only a few MGAs have this original pattern screen, although a number of cars have a similar screen with cut-down standard stanchions.

The short stanchions have more rake than the original

Moss racing mirror completes the sports look


Comparison with a standard screen MGA