Odds and Sods

This page contains pictures and information of the every day happenings involving PSJ903 and MG in general.





Top 2 pictures show the filter the correct way up to line up the filter holes with the carb air balancing holes.  The picture on the left shows that the filter can be fitted upside down, blanking off the suction chamber vents.



Fire extinguisher arrangement. 

I have installed 2 x 1lb dry powder extinguishers. This size fits quite nicely on the sloping chassis rail as shown on the driver's side (RHD). However, on my car I have a radio speaker slightly obstructing the passenger's sloping rail. I therefore, positioned it in front of the passenger seat, secured by cable ties to the seat frame. The upside of this arrangement is that both are within reach of the driver.


Tool for holding the differential U/J flange steady whilst the nut is undone or tightened.


Frame welding number just visible on left cross frame in front of left seat.  The number is K45126.  The numbers are 1/4" (6mm) high.

Starter motor bendix removal tool.  The circular plate is 1/8" thick,       2 1/4" diameter with a 1 1/16" hole and 2 x 5/16" bolt holes.  The 'horse shoe" plate is 1/4" thick, same diameter hole, cut out to 1" across the flat.  The 2 bolt holes are threaded to accept suitable 1/4" bolts 2" long.




This picture shows that the MGA engine can be removed without taking off the bonnet.  The bonnet is tied back with rope to the luggage rack.


This picture shows the wooden batten behind the door trim.  It is 40.5cm long.

The 3 following pictures show the other dimensions






This picture shows the fuel "Filter King" that filters and regulates fuel pressure to the SU carburettors.