MGA Owners Gallery

Pictures of MGA Owners and Their Cars Website maintained by MGA Forum member Serge Vliegen.  Linked from this site with Serge's kind permission


Other MGA Sites

The MGA With An Attitude  

Barney Gaylord's exceptional site covering just about every technical aspect of the MGA, plus lots more.  If you want to fix something on your MGA, this site will tell you how


MGA Stuff  

Dominic Clancy's terrific MGA website.  Masses of MGA Publications.  Great MGA pictures etc.  Dominic is also an authority on the Judson Supercharger - plenty of data on the topic.  Definitely worth a browse



MG The Classic Marque


A very comprehensive MG site, covering all marques.  It centres around forums but also has cars and parts for sale
Rutger Booy  

A very interesting MGA website by Rutger. It covers masses of interesting stuff aabout the MGA, conversions, accessories, automobilia etc, not found on other sites.



The MG Car Club


The MG Car Club (based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK)

MG Car Club A Register


The MG Car Club MGA Register



North American MGA Register devoted exclusively to the MGA, Magnette & Variants



Belgian (Flemish) supplier of MG Spares

Moss Motors


Probably the most well known supplier of MG and other classic car spares
British Automotive  

British Automotive specialises in the development of street performance products, such as engine, suspension, and brake components, for the MGB and MGA. They are also an authorised Moss Motors distributor


Bob West's Website  

Home of Bob West, MGA and Twin Cam Specialist