Technical Information

A gathering of snippets of MGA and other technical information


1.  Ignition Faults:   This document was found in my late Father-in-Law's garage: Simple Fault Finding.pdf

2.  Tracing Engine Troubles: I found this interesting diagram in a 1950s edition of "The Motor Repair Manual".  Tracing Engine Troubles

3.  MGA Prices:  Original MGA price list extracted from P. Olyslager's MGA Coupes & Roaders: MGA Price List.pdf

4.  Americanese:  Our cousins across the pond have a different slant on car part names.  Here are a few that were recognised by MG back in the 50s:  Americanese.pdf

5.  Rear View Mirror:  Four pictures of the rear view mirror arrangement on PSJ 903.  The mirror is attached to the windscreen support using existing bolts:  Mirror Pictures

6.  Tuning The Lucas Distributor: The document looks at tuning the advance curve of Lucas distributors, 23D/25D and 43D/45D types in particular. Lucas Distributor

7.   Lucas Distributor Database:  Database containing a wealth of information on Lucas distributors and which cars they were fitted to.  Database owned and maintained by Marcel Chichak.  Lucas Database

8.   MG and B-Series Engine Information:  A comprehensive book by Neil Cairns on MG and B-Series engines. Engines For MGs

9.   Cylinder Head Data:  Comprehensive data about the various cylinder heads for the 1800 B-Series engine.  Cylinder Heads

10.  Dip Stick Data:  Data on the various dipsticks fitted on B-Series Engines.  MGA/B Dipsticks

11.  Bulkhead Holes:  Picture of the MGA bulkhead with an index of hole allocations.  Bulkhead Holes (Deluxe) and Bulkhead Holes (1500)

12.  UK Registration Plates:  Geographical locations of UK number plates.  Number plates

13.  MGA Airflow:  Interesting pictures and analysis of airflow over the MGA Roadster body.  MGA Airflow . - Scroll 2/3 of the way down.

14.  BMC Standard Fasteners:  Comprehensive list of BMC nuts and bolts etc. BMC Fasteners

15.  MGA 1500 Parts List:  PDF document of the official MGA 1500 Parts List

16.  MGA Archaeology - Chassis Identification: Study into the relationship of the MGA frame welding number to the Car Number

17.  Lucas Bulbs:  1983 list of all Lucas Bulbs, listing part number, volts, type, cap, and filament.  Diagram of each bulb type with measurements.  Reproduced courtesy of Lucas.  Lucas Bulbs

18.  MGA Nuts & Bolts: An MGA Register Guide to MGA Nuts, Bolts and Washers.  MGA Nuts & Bolts

19.  SU Carburetters: Five documents about the Type H carburettor.

        SU Carburetter Index of Service Literature General Information and Identification.  SU 1

        SU Carburetter Basic Principles.  SU 2

        SU Carburetter Type H Tuning, Adjusting and Servicing Instructions.  SU3

        SU Carburetter Repair Instructions and Identification of Components.  SU4

        SU CaMGA Special Tuning.pdfrburetter Type H Dismantling and Reassembling Instructions.  SU5

20.    MGA Special Tuning: MG original publication MGA Special Tuning AKD819

21.    MGA Spring Data:  Comprehensive data on MGA front Springs

22.    Silicone Brake Fluid: The truth, as Explained in Safety Fast November 1999. Silicone Fluid

23.    Vacuum Analysis: Using a vacuum gauge to analyse engine problems. Written by Brian Cox. Suck It And See